It is very gratifying to all of us at Riplee’s Ranch to receive such overwhelmingly positive testimonials for our products.

“We have 2 cats, one 14 and the other 4. The older cat lost his sister when we moved from Ontario to Nanaimo and he seemed to be losing all interest in everything and he was gaining weight. We also noticed both cat’s coats did not appear shiny. After switching to Riplees Ranch cat food there have been significant changes. The older cat lost 20% of his body weight over the next year, both their coats are healthy and shiny and the older cat is like a kitten again, initiating play and interacting with the younger cat like brothers.  Changing their food was absolutely the only change in their lives at the time, so we are positive that the food is what has caused the changes for them.  This is 2 1/2 years later and they are going strong.  Thank you Riplees Ranch!”   

Ted & Cathy Carlson, Nanaimo, BC

 “I have 2 gorgeous dogs and 2 cats. I am so pleased with RIPLEES! Their coats are super as well as their energy level. I am writing a letter to RIPLEES telling all. We won’t ever change.”   

T. Morton, Winnipeg, Manitoba

“I have a springer who loves RIPLEE’S RANCH. I was not sure about the food, as Toby is very fussy. Boy, was I shocked! He has been on the food for 4 months now. We will never change from RIPLEE’S.”

 L. Barrow, Winnipeg, Manitoba

 “Our golden retriever named Rusty has been on RIPLEE’S since he was 6 months old. He is 1 year now and looks beautiful. He also loves the biscuits. He will always be on RIPLEE’S.”  

L. Carter, Winnipeg, Manitoba

 “We have a wheaton terrier who has been on RIPLEES now for 2 months, he loves the food. There is less clean up in the yard, which my kids love! Thanks RIPLEES RANCH.”  

G. Chodirker, Winnipeg, Manitoba

 “My German shepherd – ‘Rudy’ recently visited the vet for a check up. I was informed to give a food supplement for his dandruff. I started using RIPLEES RANCH instead, within 2 weeks there was a noticeable difference.”

 B. Taylor, Regina, Saskatchewan

 “We believe the lamb and rice has stopped the scratching and biting for our sheltie, she is a happy, healthy dog.”  

Mrs. D. Burnett, Regina, Saskatchewan

 “We live on an acreage. Our dog once let the birds eat his ration of food, not anymore! RIPLEES RANCH is far too good for the birds.”  

Robert & Norman Hannant, Regina, Saskatchewan

 “My three cats enjoy original cat flavour. One of them has had severe food allergies but since I switched to RIPLEES, she’s had absolutely no problems.”  

Jill Groves, Victoria, British Columbia

 “We purchased the RIPLEES RANCH Original Dog Food and mixed it with another brand while switching over to 100% RIPLEES. Our dog would pick out the RIPLEE’S food first and, as a last resort, finish eating the other food. Obviously the flavor is very appealing and we have no trouble getting him to eat.”  

Howard Lowe, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

 “I’ve never seen my dog so happy and healthy, and hope that you never stop selling RIPLEE’S RANCH PET FOOD.”  

Andy Andree, Hamilton, Ontario

 “Thanks again for making us aware of what is going into dog food and Lucy thanks you too, she loves RIPLEE’S RANCH FOOD AND PRODUCTS!”  

Joan & Alan Sheet, Calgary, Alberta

 “I no longer have problems with dogs that have sensitive stomachs, vomiting or skin condition. We were told one of our dogs may have a thyroid condition. Turns out it was the food she was on. I now have one food I can feed all my dogs. They love it and are doing great on it. It’s RIPLEES.

Shannon Comenu. Home of Championship Boxers.”  Tofield, Alberta

 “My dog loves the food. He is a big outside dog and needs to be on a good food. We found one, it’s RIPLEES.”  

K. D’Aoust, St. Albert, Alberta

 “I have been very pleased with RIPLEES. All four of my dogs liked the food immediately. Within two weeks they were no longer affected by flaky skin. Their coats were shiny and had the texture of velvet. A real bonus, the dogs produced less waste, the clumps were smaller and easier to clean up. Great products, great service.”  

Wendy Skawronski, Millwoods, Alberta

 “My dog Smush used to have as much energy as my sofa, and would never finish her food. We would try almost anything to get her to eat. Now that we have switched her food to Riplees not only does she finish her food and then some, she’s got more energy that I can’t keep up with.”  

Peter and Tricia Raimondi, Hamilton, Ontario

 “Being on welfare I have to really watch my money carefully. The first thing that totally surprised me was the way my dogs dug into RIPLEES RANCH. They normally do not like dog food, they prefer my food. Those days are gone. They don’t even want my food anymore. The table begging and table scraps have all stopped. They only want RIPLEES. I can’t believe the money I am saving. They eat much less and are actually full. My cat is on it now too.”  

Shirley, Edmonton, Alberta